26 July 2010

When I found out I was going to be a dad

Short video made with the clip that Janina captured with our video camera.  I'm so glad I have this moment on film.

16 July 2010

Taking LEAVE!

I know for a fact that I am way more excited than my husband about our upcoming leave. Yes, today is Friday and I am only working half day (work has been boring with the primary system I work with being offline all week) and that means my weekend starts as soon as I am off. Saturday will be sort of busy making sure we have all of the necessities packed, house cleaned, and animals squared away. Sunday? Sunday we will be Disneyland bound and I couldn't be more ecstatic about it.

I am a Disney fanatic (I get more excited about anything Disney than our little princess). I'm more excited about being able to take leave and actually enjoy it. When I took leave earlier this year, it was not for relaxation or to unplug from the daily grind for awhile. It was to take the time to study for my promotion test (which wasn't very effective being that I was plagued with morning sickness). This is my last hoorah until the baby comes in October. After that, the down time I take will be to care for a new baby boy. :)

We'll be in Anaheim until Thursday and I will make sure that I enjoy every friggin second of it. I know, what is a pregnant woman going to do since she can't ride majority of the rides? Chase down characters, take lots of pictures, and enjoy snacking on junk food. :p

Next Friday, Dan and Genie will be off to Austin, Texas. Dan's motherland has been calling him since he joined the military. The last time he was there in 2008 we were passing through because he was moving from North Carolina to California. He misses home and like a true Texan, dreams about the day when he can finally retire (or win the lottery) and move back. Besides the fact that he doesn't have to shave whenever he's on leave, he's definitely looking forward to visiting his family in Austin. I know Dan's loving the fact that he can take Genevieve everywhere being that 1. when she visited it was cold and 2. since he's from there he know where to take her without doing and "research".

Well, my countdown begins as soon as I leave the house for work. I hope that my shift goes by quickly even though I won't have anything to do. I cannot stand being in a stagnant environment, I like to be constantly working and doing something. Oh well.