19 March 2010


Baby "O"


We haven't decided on a nickname for the baby yet, but we're still thinking. The first trimester is almost over though, Janina will be 11 weeks on Sunday and then the second trimester is around the corner!

10 March 2010

Pregnancy, studying, and going back to work.

I will admit, I've enjoyed being away from work. I have been away since February 17th and wish that I didn't have to go back on Friday. I've had a small taste of being a SAHM without really fulfilling the duties of one. I took so much time off to try and study for my upcoming promotion test so Dan has been wonderful and gracious enough to pick up Genevieve majority of the times and cook dinner. Yes, I know that man is amazing and I am lucky to have him. :)

Studying has been OK for the most part. I'm absorbing what I can and when I can. This is my last day to take in everything because the big test is tomorrow. Originally I was scheduled to test on Tuesday, but do to a work inspection that was planned for the same day, my boss and first shirt decided to see if I could possibly be rescheduled so that I could be present for the inspection. The proctor was cooperative enough to move my test date. Honestly after going through the inspection, I wish I tested instead. Inspections are always tough in my opinion because you always hope that you're doing things that you're supposed to be doing and finding out that you're making some errors can... suck.

Which brings me to the reason I even started this post. While the inspectors were pointing out our weak areas, I felt like bursting into tears each and every time. I tried to choke them back, I mean they were things I knew that they'd catch and are actually errors known AF wide. My emotions have been all over the place lately and the inspection made me wonder how I would deal with them when I returned to work. The smallest thing that would usually fall on deaf ears can now send my tear ducts into overload. I have no idea what I'll do if someone makes a comment that normally wouldn't bother me. Well, actually I know what I'll do, but how I'll deal with it at work. I guess I'll need to stockpile on tissues when I get back into the grind of things.

I can't really recall much from my last pregnancy and the workplace other than the fact that in the second and third trimester I was irritated with coworkers constantly touching my stomach to try and feel the baby kicking. I doubt it will be a big problem with this one being that I am close to only a few in the squadron I'm in now compared to where I worked back then, but I guess I should still prepare myself. Maybe I'll fashion a shirt under my ABU blouse so when I take it off it says "Don't touch the belly".

With the test tomorrow I don't feel nervous at all. Either I do well or I prepare for next year. All that matters is that I continue to outrank Dan. :)

02 March 2010

She's 6!

Six years ago yesterday, Genevieve Marie was introduced to the world. It was a long, stressful labor which resulted in an emergency c-section because her head was tilted in the birth canal. She was born 8 lbs 12 oz and measured 19.5 inches. Genie is definitely a bundle of energy and the love of my life.

On her last day as a five year old, I took some pictures of her while Dan went to the gym to work out. It was a nice day out in the area with the sun shining and making it a gorgeous 64°.

Towards the end of the mini photo shoot, she befriended a roly poly which she promptly named Marissa. She has a lot of girl names that she is fond of. :) We had a bottle in the truck to put her in until we find a "suitable" home for her in Genie's room. It's been since Sunday and the lil sucker is still hanging on.

With my sudden craving for ice cream cake, Dan and I picked out a small one at Baskin Robbins to celebrate after dinner. Schools have really cracked down on bringing sweets and with feeling the fatigue now, I was not in the mood to bake anything for the class. :( She loved the ice cream cake of course, and was excited about going to Fenton's on her actual birthday.

Yesterday, the Siruno kids came to Fenton's Creamery with us to help celebrate her birthday. The kids all had a great time together and were so silly with the little favors we gave them for coming.

I still can't believe it's been six years. Happy birthday, baby bear. We love you so much!