02 August 2011

Random Acts - Opening Doors

One Saturday morning, I went on base with both kids to let dan sleep in. Still sleepy-eyed and in sweats, we drove on base. We went to get breakfast at coffee place near the BX. Even though there's a Starbucks about 50 feet to the right, this coffee shop has the best breakfast sandwiches and has managed to stay open. Thank goodness, because it would be a shame to lose the one great place you can get a quick breakfast on base that isn't Burger King.

After we placed our order, we sat down and watched people come and go as we waited for our food. A group of Airmen came in, all young Senior Airmen (E-4 pay grade in the Air Force), ordered and took a seat at the table right next to the door. They were joking around, chit chatting about their upcoming shift for the day. I noticed from their badge that they were aircraft maintainers.

One of the baristas called out our sandwich orders and I went to go pick it up from the counter while Genie stood by her brother near the door. I walked over to my munchkins and asked Genevieve to carry the bag of breakfast sandwiches so that I could carry Sebastian in his car seat. We started to make our way towards the door and as I was about to open the door, Sebastian started kicking his legs and caused me to throw off my balance and grip. He's such a big baby that his slightest shift in weight in his carries, I'm totally thrown off! :) One of the Airmen at the table close to the door took notice since he was facing our direction. He looked at the guy sitting across from him who had his back to us and gave him a stern look. I heard the Airman say, "What?!" after he noticed he was getting the look from his friend.
"Don't be a jerk, open the door for the lady!"
The Airmen that had his back to us finally caught on.
He got up out of his seat and opened the door. Genie walked to the door, looked up at the Airman and thanked him. I thanked him as well and thanked his friend that insisted he help us.