10 August 2010


Third trimester is definitely taking a toll on me. I seriously hope that the next one is not as brutal as this one! With Sebastian constantly putting me in a constant state of discomfort and feeling fatigued and short of breath, I find myself wishing that it was October already. I know I'll be thinking differently when the time is finally a few days away, but boy, this kid just loves his space.

Work... is work. My career field recently switched to a new web-based system for the program we primarily use and it's been nothing but a pain. I've had to extend our office hours and mandate weekend work hours to help catch up! :( I hate doing to that to my people, but they all understand we have to do it. The light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel though because our stacks of backed up paperwork are shrinking and it's looking better and better! I just hope that headquarters can fix the server issues and bugs soon because I'd hate to fall behind again just because the system is too slow.

Right now, my biggest issue with work is the fact that I've felt so uninspired lately. I know that eventually I want to get out because we want to focus on family, but lately I've been thinking, man, I wish I could separate wish this pregnancy... This is no way possible (living in expensive California) and plus I don't think I'm near being done with the Air Force yet. There's still so much I can do/give. BUT- I need inspiration, I need A CHANGE! I am talking ORDERS! The list came out last Wednesday and there are openings for the both of us in England, Germany and Hawaii! I find myself constantly reminding Dan to put those "order vibes" out there in the universe because I desperately want and need orders out of the states and more importantly, out of California!

Sigh, for now, I will continue to focus on getting things ready for this baby and remembering to breathe at work.