17 October 2010

Still waiting in anticipation

It's October 17th. I'm one week and one day overdue.

As much as I am making progress labor wise, it's not enough to have me admitted at Labor & Delivery. I've been in the first stage of labor since the 4th! Unbelievable, right? You could technically say I'm in the second stage being that I hit 4 cm (dilation) on Friday. Yep. Oh, and I'm 75% effaced but still no consistent, painful contractions.

I haven't been to work in 2 weeks because I've been focusing on trying to eject this kid! Once I feel contractions, I either jump in the tub or walk around... only to be left with nothing. I am constantly tempted to go into work to make some use of myself because I feel like such a slug at home, but the discomfort is out of control. I cannot sit long in a chair, constantly switching to the bed, the balance ball, or laying down. On the upside, I am glad that I haven't been to work because I could only imagine how annoyed I would be after five minutes of hearing
"No baby yet?" "How overdue are you?" "When are you going to pop?" et al.

If nothing happens today, tomorrow is it. We will be going to the hospital in the evening to be induced. I am beyond excited. He should've been here last week and he's so lucky I love him to be suffering a week longer. :) The both of us just want to hold our baby boy already...