23 February 2010

A not-so-relaxing leave

Usually when people take leave, it's to relax. Enjoy time away from work, no deadlines or paperwork. Time to just sit back and rest. I started leave a week ago (last Tuesday) and it hasn't been so relaxing.

Dan mentioned that for his birthday, I surprised him with a positive pregnancy test. I can't tell you how excited and nervous the both of us are. We've waited so long for the perfect time to start trying. It could've been earlier if it weren't for the TDYs and deployment that took Dan away. Gotta love the military. :p Even though I already have Genevieve, this pregnancy is already proving to be so different from when I was carrying her. The nausea has definitely hit me and I don't think I've had many mornings without morning sickness. I'm trying to take it easy and relax, but most days I'm dizzy, nauseous, or fatigued-or all three.

The main priority during this leave to to study since my promotion test for E-6 is in a couple weeks. On the enlisted side for the AF, you have to test to make rank after you put on E-4. This year will be my second time testing for E-6, and I am hoping that I make it. :)

I have spent a couple days hanging out with my sister, Flo, last week. True, I should be spending ever day and every waking moment studying, but hey, being on leave I can have some free time. Last week Genevieve was off after the three day weekend because of the district's furlough days. Thursday, the three of us went to see Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief, had lunch and walked around the mall. Friday, Flo came over and we helped her with bridesmaids cards.

This week hasn't been so fun. Seems like my 8th week has been the worse so far with constant headaches and the fatigue kicking in really hard. I can deal with fatigue, I have no problems sleeping more, but I would just like the morning sickness to go away. :(

I can't wait until the next time I take leave. It will be the same time Dan takes leave, and we'll both get a chance to really relax.

07 February 2010

Having a baby!

For my birthday, my wife surprised me with telling me that she is pregnant. This will be a crazy experience for us, especially me. I have been around for my step daughter since she was around 2 years old, she is almost 6 now. I think I got the father thing down. I wake up early to get her dressed for school, and the weekend mornings are spent getting her breakfast and me slowly waking up for a few hours. I like to cook and I feel I am damn good at it too. It will be crazy to watch my wife through this pregnancy. It is something I have looked forward to for awhile now. I gotta read up on things like what is happening in her belly, and how to care for a baby. Its a lot, not overwhelming yet but I know that soon it will be. I am excited, but not worried at all. My wife will be the saving grace for me because she has already been through this previously and I'm sure I can ask her all the questions I have. So far estimated due date is beginning of October.. I need everyone to pray for a boy... please..... pretty please..

02 February 2010

I live with the female Ace of Cakes!!!!!!

So me and my wife are avid fans of the Food Network. We watch every show on there and get ideas for new foods we want to try to cook and of course eat. My wife makes some amazing cakes, my favorite being red velvet and German chocolate. With watching Ace of Cakes and ultimate cake challenge a lot, she decided to try making fondant. She did an excellent job and I'm sure she will get plenty of practice and make some awesome competition like cakes soon.

Although I am a hardcore fan of flavor over presentation, it was very good. But personally, I think a good cream cheese frosting takes the cake.... funny huh?

So today was a decent day, I slept in, made some pulled pork that took 12 hours to cook (added a little vinegar for a Carolina BBQ style flavor), and went to Costco and bought the wife an orchid. It's her favorite flower.

Now I am just sitting around watching TV and drinking some wine that I thought had to be amazing. I never knew Newman's Own made wine. I should have figured though, that company has made almost everything. Gonna go for some whiskey and coke next... laterz

His face cracks me up on all the products... just makes you want to buy them.... If you haven't had the Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette, you need too.

01 February 2010

I need a bigger plate.

I am the type of person that needs to be busy at work. I do have those days when I would like to just make a mindless task last all day, but I like to remain active at work. Sometimes I think I've got too much initiative at times and a sometimes dangerous work ethic. There are times when I feel that if it was allowed, I would probably install the programs I use at work on my home computer just so I could attempt to get ahead. What?!

On top of my work, I like to get involved. Fundraisers, community service, drives, etc. Dan and I love feeling like we made a difference for the better. We appreciate the military for making it sort of a mandatory requirement that all members must be involved in some volunteer activity no matter how small or large. I just wish more people would get into volunteering because they want to, not because they need to fill a block for their next performance report. I remember doing some volunteer stuff in high school just because it was also a way to hang out with friends. Volunteering can occupy a lot of off time that could be spent at home with family or doing school work.

It's only the first day of the second month of 2010 and I feel as if I've got too much on my plate. Am I in over my head? I'm still learning about my role in my shop and on top of work, I'm trying my best to make sure I look out for my people and take care of them. I also need to take care of me and my career at the same time. Shit, that reminds me that I need to drop off my reenlistment paperwork this week.

This semester, I'm taking two online courses. After these classes are complete, I'll have 2 classes left to obtain my Associate's with the CCAF. Next month, I have my promotion test to study for. Wtf? I know so many SNCOs have advised that I not take any school around testing time, but damn... testing cycle for the next rank is Feb-Mar and a semester at the community college in the area is from Jan through May. I may have shot myself in the foot this time around (which will be my second time testing for the next rank), but I really want to knock out my Associate's and my goal is to finish this year.

I need to find the balance between the assignments I need to knock out and work so that I can just focus on studying for my promotion test. That on top of preparing for a big inspection at work, I feel like I bit off more than I can chew for this quarter. Oh, the inspection is during the week I test next month, did I mention that? Oh crap, and I also need to start thinking about what to do for our daughters 6th birthday. Damnit. The first two weeks of March are so hectic and we just started February.

Anyone have any aspirin? The headache I started out with just grew larger after I read over this post.