05 January 2011

2011 is here...

A new year is upon us and already the both of us have been busy with work. This time of year is always busy for me with aircrew training and Dan has tons of inspections to finish in his shop. Even more important than our work is promotion-we both received our test dates for E-6 and are beyond nervous. I test Feb 4th and Dan is on Feb 9th. Yea, so much for having a late test date. We don't have much time left to study.

This testing cycle will be #3 for me and Dan's first time testing for Tech*. I knew there was no shot for me last year being that most of my study time was spent either puking or trying to sleep off nausea (I was plagued with morning sickness), but this year I actually care about making it or missing it by 10 instead of 30. Having Sebastian makes it difficult to focus because I just want to spend every waking moment with him while he's awake and sometimes try to sleep with him while he's napping. Either way, Dan and I both need to buckle down and really start studying hard core. Dan is being ambitious and hoping that he makes it his first time. While I am supporting his goal, I secretly hope he doesn't make it this year. We are competitive when it comes to achievements and promotions. ;) I've managed to have a leg up being that I have 2 years TIS* on him, but since I haven't made Tech yet, he has a fighting chance to outrank me. :p

Besides the obvious military change we'll be experiencing this year(the repel of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" means that the transition has begun), we also have a chance at orders. We've been overseas eligible since last year but due to my pregnancy there was no real chance we'd be selected. Hopefully we'll be picked up for an assignment in Europe, but of course nothing is certain in the assignment game. Our dream sheets are up to date and all we can do now is sit back and wait for the assignment cycles to open up (there are 4 a year). The both of us really want to be stationed in the UK, especially after our visits there with the herk community. Sure people have told us that the weather there isn't exactly ideal, but why focus on the weather? The fact that I can shop in London, catch a short flight to Paris, and sight-see all around Europe when I'm not working is a huge incentive to living there!

With all of that, I hope that 2011 is even more prosperous for us than last year was!

Happy New Year!

*Tech- short for Technical Sergeant
*TIS- Time In Service