About "Brother Dan"

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Dan came into the Air Force in 2004.  A true Texan, he is an Avionics Technician and started his career working on the mighty C-130 Hercules at Pope AFB in North Carolina.  Dan is known as "Brother Dan" because of his affiliation with a group... with many secrets.  While stationed at Pope, he met his wife, "G", and they are now stationed at Travis AFB in California.  Dan is currently working with the largest plane in the Air Force's inventory, the C-5 Galaxy.  He's hoping to get an assignment overseas in the near future.  Dan plans on a long, devoted career in the military... unless he hits the lotto. 

About "G"

"G" is an Air Force brat that primarily grew up in California.  She came into the Air Force in 2002 as an Aviation Resource Manager or as she calls it, "aircrew babysitter".  Like Dan, her first duty station was at Pope AFB, NC where she worked in the herk community.  "G" obtained her nickname while in the 2d Airlift Squadron because her commander couldn't pronounce her last name at the time.  She met Dan before PCSing to Travis AFB and they married in 2008.  After proudly serving eight years, her goals have changed and she soon hopes to be able to separate to be a stay at home mom and continue to have kids so that Dan can have the soccer team he dreams of.