21 May 2010

Online classes during pregnancy...

I am grateful that the military helps and encourages its members to continue their education. We get 100% tuition assistance and on top of that we get the Montgomery GI Bill or the Post 9/11 GI Bill that pays for more education opportunities if we go over our TA cap. The military also gives us the chance to earn college credits through taking DANTES or CLEP tests; test fees paid, which is a method used a lot to obtain credits. Take a test and get credit vs. taking a class for a whole semester?!

Although I'm in my late twenties (yikes I wish I was still 23!), I still don't quite know what I want to do when I grow up or major in. Right now I'm trying to finish my general credits and obtain my 2 yr degree for the CCAF (Community College of the Air Force). I'm almost there, and I was hoping to finish by the end of this year. With the pregnancy, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

I signed up for two online classes to take during this spring semester. I try and take advantage of online classes when I can and love that I can choose to either take my time doing assignments or finish them ahead of schedule. I also like that I don't have to drive anywhere for class and that I can focus on my studies and not be bothered by other students being that most of them are younger than I am. No offense, but being older and taking classes I find that I really don't have a lot in common with the college crowd.

Well, even though I'm taking classes to help satisfy requirements for my CCAF, I won't be getting credit for these two classes. Yes, I am failing. I am for the first time in my life, receiving grades way below passing... and I am fine with it. I've never really been the overachiever when it came to academics. I've tried to maintain As since I started taking classes again in the military.

The first two months of the pregnancy made it really difficult to focus and even be motivated to do assignments. I missed two weeks worth of assignments in both online classes and even if I did all the extra credit offered, aced the online quizzes and finish the rest of the assignments I still wouldn't be able to get a C. A grade of C or higher is what is needed for college credit to count towards the CCAF. I found out what my grade will probably be for both classes earlier this week and was fine with it. I figured that I would have to pay back the tuition assistance the AF provided being that I wouldn't be passing the class (generally what happens in the military when you fail a class). I was ready to make my way to the education center with my debit card and pay it back.

You could imagine how relieved I felt when I found out that I don't have to. For undergrad, a grade of C or higher is needed for credit to count, but you only have to reimburse the TA if you get an F in the class. If pursuing a Masters or above you have to reimburse anything below a C. I'll take not getting credit and not having to pay back. It is sad that I'm happy about Ds, but hey. I allowed myself to slack off with the morning sickness and this is the consequence.

I definitely do not plan on taking anymore classes for the remainder of the pregnancy. I may attempt to take a few CLEP tests, but that's it. I'm taking another break. I do not want to be in this situation again EVER.

10 May 2010


Which is actually an acronym for Warrior of the Week. Last month, Dan was presented with the award. It's a weekly award that is presented by the Wing Commander and is printed in the base paper that Friday (more about that later in the post).

Dan had told me about filling out the WoW worksheet a few weeks earlier and that he kept trying to turn it in with "making babies" in the hobbies section. Yea, what a dork. Anyway, the Tuesday in the week before he was going to be presented with the award, he told me how the SMSgt in his shop told him that he had to clear his schedule and make himself available to give "a tour" to the Wing Commander. I thought nothing of it and completely forgot about it later on. Then the Thursday before the presentation (the 8th to be exact), he tells me that the Senior gave him an exact time frame that the Wing King* would be coming over the following Wednesday (the 14th).
"SMSgt T told me that Col V will be coming over at like 1300 next Tuesday."
"That's good babe, right after lunch."
"Just sucks because I cleared my whole day and moved around so many appointments that I could've kept. Oh, are you busy that day?"
"I don't think so, just regular work schedule. Why?"
"SMSgt T said I should invite my wife for when he comes over."

I looked at him funny after he said that.

"Why in the heck should I be there if you're just- AWW, he RUINED it! I know what he's coming for now! I'm gonna talk to your senior tomorrow!"
"Why? What?"
"No, I shouldn't tell you."
"Just tell me or else I'll find out from Shavonne."
"Fine, you got Warrior of the Week, duh? Makes no sense for me to be there if you're giving a tour, you dork!"

Wednesday came along and I was there along with a few of our friends from my squadron and any maintainers that weren't on the line to watch the presentation. Apparently he put on his form that he wants a big family, which when the Wing King asked him about how I felt about it, told him that 'she has no choice'. The Wing King commended him on his achievements, wished him luck on his goal of someday being in the PDG* and presented the award.


After the Wing King presented the award and his coin, the command chief talked about Dan's drive and dedication and also coined him. I don't quite remember how it came up (I think Col V was talking about how Dan rucked* home one day), but a few minutes after that he asked Dan to lead everyone in doing a set of 30 push ups.


It was funny seeing some people struggle. :) Well, like all Warrior of the Week winners, they are presented in the base paper that Friday after being presented. Tell me why it didn't happen that Friday?! I couldn't believe it! That day when I discovered my husband was not in the paper like he was supposed to, I called public affairs. One of the girls there told me that they wait for the WoW packages to be sent to them and since they didn't receive any, they didn't put one. The following week, I called again and the same girl told me that they hadn't received anything and that the layout for that Friday's paper was already finished! She asked if there was a particular person I was looking for and I gave her Dan's name. I couldn't believe that they said that they waited for the WoW packages to be sent instead of asking for them.

The following week I emailed the Tailwind staff this time instead of calling to make sure that he would make the paper on the 30th. He was. :p

dan wow
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I am proud of him for what he's been doing with his career and at his new job!

*Wing King- a nickname used for Wing Commander
PDG- Professional Development Guide
rucked- ruck march