05 February 2009


work has had a steady work flow despite our squadron having so many people out on the road right now. as much as i wasn't looking forward to WAPS testing today, i was looking forward to the break in the middle of the week. this is my first year testing for the next rank of E-6, and frankly, i didn't really prepare for it nor do i really care if i make it. they say that tech (technical sergeant, E-6 in AF) is the hardest test and it's hard to make it first time. i'm still trying to figure out how to get out next year and don't plan on staying 20 if i have to reenlist again. we'll see what happens when the results come out in june or july.

yesterday was the birthday of my husband and my step mom. mama turned 49 and bebe is now 24. yes, he is younger (1.5 years younger). it worked out that i had their birthday off only because it was supposed to be my study day since my test date was today. i tried to persuade dan to take genie into daycare in the morning since i didn't have to go into work. he told me tues night that he had a hectic schedule on his birthday and asked me to still take her in.

"BABE. i still managed to get to ALS early every morning after dropping of genie when i went through. kindercare opens at 0600!"
"i know you did baby, but you said you would help me. please? i can't."

it didn't ruin any plans, but it meant that i wouldn't be able to start cooking/baking until later than i expected. yesterday morning, i was supposed to be up before 0600 to start the pulled pork in the slow cooker (12 hrs on slow). i didn't get up until 0700! lol it didn't matter because i still needed to pick up a bottle of coke that was in the recipe. i dropped off genie, stopped at a gas station on the way home for coke, and then rushed inside to start on the pork.


i got the pork in the slow cooker and started it on high to make up for not starting it earlier. slow cookers are so simple!!! for this recipe, one hr on high = 2 hours on low. it all worked out in the end! :D i had to immediately start on red velvet cupcakes for dan's class. i got them baked and started getting ready while they cooled. dan had taken the cake caddy to bring the amish friendship bread to school that we made the night before (yep, still keeping it going lol) so i was left with nothing to bring the cupcakes in. i almost used a roaster since it was the biggest thing i could find, but that would mean squeezing the cupcakes together. i rushed to micheal's and bought the 3-1 cupcake-cake caddy. lol the cupcakes were still cooling and i still had a lot of time so i blew up balloons...

always has to be even
yes, OCD in me needs everything to be in EVEN numbers... LOL

i decided to go ahead and frost the cupcakes after i finished with the balloons. even though i put the piping bag in the fridge to try and firm up the cream cheese frosting, it still melted since the cupcakes were still warm. oh well. they still looked good, but could've done a way better job decorating. lol


i didn't have to be at ALS bldg until noon, but left around 1120 anyway to get their early and go over details with leslee (his teacher). they were all upstairs in their classroom, and i just prayed that no one in his class was going to suddenly open up the blinds and see me walking up.

i talked to leslee and she told me about the class duct taping dan to one of the pillars in the auditorium. LOL i'll post pics of that as soon as his classmates send them to him. the game plan was she was going to teach a lesson in the auditorium so i can decorate the room. i went back out to the car to grab the bags of stuff and watched from outside for all of the class to head into the auditorium. awesome! of course she'd want the door closed! perfect! i rushed upstairs and walked up to the familiar door to d flight (i was in the same flight when i went through ALS).
"AWWWW damnit."

i forgot that every classroom had cipher locks on them. i was in luck though, tsgt daniels, c flt instructor right next door, saw me and let me in. she knew that i was getting the instructors to give dan a hard time and heard that i was going to embarrass him.
"if you need to get in again, just knock."

decorated the classroom


cinderella game

button for the birthday princess LOL

i would've bought more decorations if they weren't so damn expensive. plus dan would've noticed the large charge on my account and probably would've caught on. :p he was pleasantly surprised! (more here)

he did not suspect... LOL

OH! it's cinderella themed because that's his nickname in class from his instructor. he made the mistake of cleaning out his binder during class one day, and genie left her cinderella sticker card (thanks auntie for them!) in his binder. he pulled it out and of course was given a hard time about it. lol

sparkler candles relight... :p

after he blew out the candles, i headed home to finally start studying/reviewing. before bebe came home, i started on a red velvet cake to have for him to munch on at the house since i knew there would be no cupcakes left. lol

he came home and we finished up the pulled pork. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!!!!! we're both used to the east coast style pulled pork (thanks to living in NC) where they use more vinegar in their sauce, but this was still fantastic!!!! there was so much of it too.

pulled pork- finished!shredded!DSC_2092

after the scrumptious dinner, it was time for cake....


yes, i still need practice decorating. at least i improved on writing on cakes. lol it was nice being able to celebrate bebe's birthday yesterday. his last birthday in the states was 2006. yep. last year he spent it in kuwait, and 2007 was spent in afghanistan. even though we weren't able to really do much for his birthday, it was still lovely. :)

tomorrow is friday! YAY!!!

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Ali said...

Love the Cinderella theme! Looks like a fun party and the pulled pork looks delish!